The beauty of our high quality pieces can be maintained with the right use and care.
Please make sure to follow this care guide properly. Otherwise, product damages might occur over time.

Fora Projects furniture is treated with two layers of hardwax oil, which is protecting the surface against stains and moisture.
Solid wood is a natural product that varies in colour and grain, based on the location of the original tree. Therefore there can occur differences from piece to piece. The selection of the timber and construction of Fora Projects furniture takes these facts into account.

Please see the list below for caring and cleaning instructions:

  1. For day-to-day claning, we recommend to clean the table with a damp cloth with warm water only. If there should be any stains, which cannot be removed with water, we recommend to clean it with the mildest soap available, suitable for wooden surfaces.
  2. Wood is a living material and wooden surfaces will patinate over time. How much and how fast the surface will patinate also depends on the exposure to light. Avoid placing your furniture in direct sun light. Generally, lighter wood tends to become darker with age whereas darker wood fades. This is a natural process and not a defect of the material.
  3. Wooden surfaces do not stand moisture, heat, acid or alcohol. Spills must be wiped up right away. When using our Wooden Tableware, please make sure that all items placed on them (like fruit, vetetables or other food) are dry at all times. Regularly check fruits etc. lying on the Wooden Tableware to avoid stains due to rotting.
  4. We recommend not covering the surfaces partially, as this can cause color differences across the surface.
  5. Never place wooden pieces of furniture right up against radiators or other heating devices.
  6. Never use sanding products like scouring powder, metal polishes or cleaners that contain ammonia or acidic inredients.
  7. Indoor furniture should not be used outside.
  8. To keep the wooden surface in the best possible condition, please use a wood maintenaince oil once a year.
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